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The Importance of Having a Specialized Attorney

Going through law school is similar to going to medical school; you learn the basics and the fundamentals of practice. Future attorneys, however, do not have to declare a specialty—even after graduation. Lawyers everywhere receive their Juris Doctorate (JD) degree from their law schools before spending months studying for the bar exam. Upon passing the bar, they become licensed to practice in a specific state, or multiple states if they sit for the bar in other locations.

Determining what area or areas of law they wish to practice is entirely up to them and their interests; rarely are attorneys mandated to specialize. Unfortunately, some attorneys decide to open a general practice and fail to specialize in a particular area. It opens them up to take on more cases and help a wider range of people. The problem with this, however, is that if an attorney takes on multiple types of cases, they rarely gain the experience necessary to have specialized knowledge in a specific area.

The legal system has a strict set of rules for both civil and criminal matters, and there are regulations specific to each state as well. There are certain nuisances that an attorney who specializes in a particular section of law would be aware of, while one who simply dabbles would not. For example, an attorney specializing in family matters would be familiar with the family court judges in the county and he or she would also be familiar with filing those specific motions. Ultimately, a specialized attorney will save time and potentially save you money as well, which are important when dealing with a legal matter. Attorney costs can get expensive, and a general attorney not familiar with subtle nuisances of a particular area may spend extra time researching which will ultimately increase your bill.

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