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Winter Driving Tips

Drivers encounter many different winter driving hazards throughout New Jersey. The winter months often bring snow, ice, and sleet, which can cover the roads and lead to a significant number of serious auto accidents each year. There are many steps that drivers in NJ can take to reduce the risk of serious car collisions and injuries. The following are a few tips for when you are facing winter driving hazards:

Maintain your vehicle – it is hard to predict when winter weather will first hit, so it is good to plan ahead with vehicle maintenance. Prior to winter months, have your tires and brakes inspected, replace your windshield wipers if needed, make sure all lights are in working order, and top off the fluids. It is also a good idea to pack an emergency winter kit with a blanket, flashlight, and other helpful tools.

Clear off your vehicle – When drivers hit the road with snow or ice on their cars, it can fly off and cause visibility issues for other drivers or damage other vehicles. For this reason, New Jersey laws require drivers to completely clear their cars before driving or else they will risk a fine and liability for accidents.

Keep your distance – Many drivers experience problems braking in winter weather and so it is very important to always leave more room between your own vehicle and others.

Watch your speed – Though the speed limit may be 55 mph, that speed may be too fast for winter road conditions. You should judge the road conditions and slow down to a safe speed when necessary.

Put down the cell phone – Driving distractions are always dangerous but are especially so when there are winter driving hazards. It is always best to avoid cell phones and other distractions and pay full attention to the road.

Avoid over-confidence – Even if you have a large vehicle with four-wheel drive and new tires, it is still possible to lose control and be involved in an auto accident. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, always use caution.

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Winter conditions lead to many serious traffic collisions on an annual basis in New Jersey. Even if you take all the precautions you can, obey the winter weather laws, and drive as safely as possible in adverse conditions, you cannot stop other drivers from acting in a negligent manner. If you are in an accident and injured by a negligent driver in winter weather, you should discuss your legal rights with a qualified New Jersey personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. At The Law Office of David H. Kaplan, we can evaluate your case, please call for a free consultation today.