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Can a Personal Injury Claim be Reopened?

Following an accident, many people want to hurry up and file a personal injury claim to get their settlement or award check as soon as possible. However, severe injuries often require long-lasting medical treatment, so the costs of an injury can potentially continue for years or indefinitely. In addition, injuries can often keep people out of work much longer than they originally had expected. Many injured victims who have already received a settlement call our office wondering if we can reopen their case since they did not consider all of their possible future losses. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is almost always “no.”

Insurance Claims

Too many accident victims rush to accept a settlement offer from an insurance company only to later realize that the settlement was inadequate to cover their losses. However, when you accept an insurance settlement, the company will also have you sign a release form that states you may not later pursue any additional compensation in regard to the injuries stemming from this accident. This means you cannot later ask for more from the insurance and also lose the right to file a personal injury claim in court. For this reason, it is extremely important to carefully review any settlement offer with a skilled personal injury attorney and never accept a settlement that is less than you deserve.

Personal Injury Claims

Once a personal injury case is settled and closed, you cannot come back at a later date seeking additional compensation. This is to protect individuals from living in perpetual concern that another claim will be filed following an accident. If you hire an inexperienced lawyer and they do not seek the right amount of compensation or convince you to settle early in a case to avoid additional work, you do not have another chance. Therefore, hiring the right attorney from the start is essential to make sure you receive the full amount you need to cover your losses.

Call an Experienced NJ Personal Injury Lawyer for a Consultation Today

Personal injury lawyer David H. Kaplan, Attorney at Law understands how important it is to get your personal injury claim right the first time, as reopening a case happens in only the rarest of circumstances. We understand how to properly calculate and prove the full amount of your past and future losses and will never advise you to accept an insufficient settlement. If you have sustained serious injuries in any type of accident, please call our office for a free consultation today.