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Potential Personal Injury: Samsung Recall

This past August, many tech-lovers rushed out to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which boasted several types of cutting-edge technology for smartphones including iris recognition, water resistance, curved dual-sided display, and improved software and storage capabilities. Pre-orders were so high that Samsung had trouble meeting supply demands as the Galaxy Note 7 phones flew off the shelves.

Less than a month after its release date, however, Samsung issued a recall for the phones, claiming there had been reports of excessive heat radiating from the batteries, some of which had caught on fire or exploded. Samsung initially began replacing the defective phones with new ones that were deemed safe. However, the replacement phones also began catching fire and Samsung subsequently stopped selling the Galaxy Note 7 altogether.

Design Defects

New technological reports have been emerging that indicate the inherent design of the Galaxy Note 7 was likely to blame for the fires and explosions. It appears that Samsung tried to keep the phone super thin, so it packed the battery in tightly and even thinned out certain aspects of the battery itself. Any stress on the phone – such as putting it in a pocket while sitting – could put added pressure on the battery. Eventually, the positive and negative components of the battery, which are not supposed to touch, would press together, resulting in the excess heat, fires, and explosions. While neither Samsung nor the Consumer Product Safety Commission has confirmed these reports, tech experts are claiming that in Samsung’s attempt to provide a cutting-edge phone, it put users in danger. Experts also claim that designers should have known the design was potentially dangerous.

Were You Injured by a Galaxy Note 7?

There are numerous reports of fires and explosions damaging cars, homes, and other personal property, as well as causing personal injuries to users worldwide. Companies such as Samsung have the duty to design and sell a safe product and, if consumers are injured, Samsung should be held accountable for its dangerous actions. Injured victims may have the right to compensation for their losses.

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