An Account of Workers Compensation Challenges

If you are injured while at work, you may assume that you will inform your employer of your injuries and have a claim for workers compensation benefits approved to cover your medical expenses and lost wages if you miss work. Unfortunately, not every workers compensation case goes this smoothly and many injured workers experience wrongful delays or claim denials, which can leave them with serious financial and emotional problems.

Imagine if the following happened to you: You were at work like any other day until you fall from a raised platform and severely injure your back. You immediately tell your employer and go to the emergency department, where you are referred to specialists. You are instructed not to work for a period of time and are given pain medication and instructed to undergo physical therapy for months. Nothing seems to be improving.

Finally, you opt for a new type of surgery that is supposed to relieve your back pain. The surgery is not successful so you then undergo a second operation. The recovery time from your procedures lasts for months, during which you are unable to even care for yourself, needless to say work. Even after these surgeries, you still require serious painkillers just to function on a daily basis and require long periods of rest.

After you file the necessary paperwork for workers compensation benefits, you are shocked to learn that the insurer has denied coverage of your surgeries or for all of your lost wages. The insurance company is claiming that physical therapy and medication should have been enough to treat your injury and that the surgeries were elective – and not necessary – procedures. In addition, the recovery time after the surgeries is deemed unnecessary and will not be compensated. Not only are you still feeling pain, but you are now also facing a mountain of financial issues and challenges working again.

Sadly, the above situation is all too familiar for many injured workers who have had benefits wrongfully denied. The representation of a workers compensation attorney can increase your chances of a successful claim as well as help you fight against wrongful denials so that you can avoid situations like the one above.

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