10 Tips to Stay Safe and Avoid Medical Malpractice

Top 10 Tips that explain how to avoid medical malpractice to obtain the best medical care possible.

1. Exercise your privilege in choosing your own doctor, and choose wisely.

Finding the right doctor for you takes research. Look for a referral who is honest, respectful,
certified, affiliated with a hospital, and experienced. When choosing the right doctor for you, lok for
a physician who respect confidentiality and runs an organized office. Choosing a doctor is a serious
job, so to be safe, check with local court records to determine whether your chosen doctor has
been sued for malpractice.

2. Exercise your right and responsibility to understand your health.

Patients who are at risk for mistreatment are often uninvolved with their health. You have a right and
responsibility to ask questions and receive reasonable answers, express concerns, research your
medical condition, and be served by your doctor.

3. Bring along a trusted advocate.

We aren’t always able to effectively advocate on our own behalf. Bring along a trusted friend or
relative to listen, take notes, ask questions, monitor and provide support. Bringing along a trusted
advocate is for your own safety.

4. Do not withhold medical information.

Any and all details must be communicated to your doctor. Withholding details that may seem trivial
may lead to dangerous accidents. Give your doctor all the facts to ensure you are getting the care
and treatment you need.

5. Insist on a thorough investigation if you suspect something is wrong.

Our instincts are often right. If you have reasonable belief that something is wrong that your doctor
does not suspect, insist on a thorough investigation.

6. Make allies with everyone involved in your health care.

Everyone involved in your health care are there to help you. Show them kindness and communicate
regularly with them to receive the best possible care. Your chances of recovery are best when you
know everyone involved has your best interest in mind.

7. Faithfully follow your doctor’s instructions.

You must always follow your doctor’s instructions. Whether it comes to medication prescribed or
your diet, and be sure to record and document any interactions. Unless you have reason to believe
your doctor is negligent, faithfully follow his/her directions concerning your health.

8. After any treatment, have a follow-up examination.

Even if your care has been great, make sure you are on the proper road to recovery. Visit the doctor
again to make sure that you are, and be sure to express any concerns or problems you have
experienced during this time effectively.

9. Always get a second opinion.

Getting a second opinion on the nature and treatment of your illness is crucial, even a third. Nothing
is more important than your health, and obtaining the proper treatment.
10. Recognize medical errors.

You must be able to recognize medical errors before you can avoid them. The link below provides
information on the most common medical errors. Read through them and become familiar with the
proper ways patients should be cared for.


Much of what can go wrong in the medical field is beyond the patients control. However,
taking the right course of actions may ultimately determine whether you receive the care
you need and deserve. By following these Top Ten Tips, you will feel more in control of
your health and reduce your risk of becoming a malpractice victim.