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New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

People that are injured because of someone else’s negligence may be entitled to compensation. A personal injury attorney can help you negotiate a settlement outside of a courtroom or represent your case at trial. Retaining an attorney early in your case can ensure that you are well within your statutory time limits for filing a claim.

Personal Injury Law

The Law Office of David H. Kaplan represents clients who have been hurt, mistreated, or who have suffered a personal injustice. The stores you shop in, the products you use, the place where you work and the roads that you drive on should be safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the situation. If you have suffered personal injury because of another person’s negligence, you have a claim.

When you are hurt as the result of someone else’s negligence, then you are entitled to money damages. Remember, every state has a “statute of limitations” (the amount of time allotted to file a claim for negligence). You must protect your family’s rights by making sure that the negligent party is held accountable for your loss.

David Kaplan is a Certified Civil Trial Lawyer (a status held by only 1% of New Jersey’s lawyers) who is ready and willing to help you fight back.

Personal Injury Attorney

Claiming Personal Injury

Anyone who has endured injury or contracted a disease/illness because of the negligence of another person is entitled to make a personal injury claim.

You need to contact a law firm with great experience in handling personal injury claims. A lawyer will help you to negotiate for the compensation for the injury you endured due to the negligence of another person.

David H. Kaplan has been trusted for many years to deal with personal injury claims in NJ to ensure adequate compensation for the injuries his clients endure.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

The following are some common types of personal injury claims:

  • Car accident cases
  • Medical malpractices
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Defamation
  • Dog bites
  • Assault and other intentional torts
Claiming Personal Injury

Personal Injury Trial

A personal injury trial is the process by which the plaintiff (injured party) and the defendant (negligent party) and their respective attorneys can decide on a fair compensation agreement. By this point in a personal injury case both parties and their counsel will have completed extensive research into injuries and circumstances.

Steps involved in the personal injury trial include:

  • File a claim in civil court
  • Notify the defendant of a suit against them
  • Opening statement from the plaintiffs attorney and the defense attorney
  • The evidence from the plaintiffs lawyer is presented
  • The evidence from the defendant lawyer is then presented
  • Closing arguments by both the defendant and plaintiffs lawyers
  • The verdict is then given
Personal Injury and Compromise Agreement